Tuesday, May 5, 2009

[TBOA] The Fog of Winter

This is the second picture, very old one in fact but I have decided to put them rather chronologically, so first few will be rather poor and you have to wait a little bit for the better ones ;-)

For now, tell me what do you think about this one?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Warsaw - Dolinka Sluzewiecka

There is shadow of a bike at the bottom, it's me...

Warsaw - Leclerc Ursynow

Now it is a bit bigger...

Warsaw - Dolinka Sluzewiecka

Aka Sluzew Valley

[TBOA] Channels under the Warsaw

I have decided to do a little upgrade on my fotolog, from now on I will post some of my better pictures. I encourage to critique. If you think I can do better with them, tell me :-)

Let us see whats is behind the light at the end of tunnel...

Just for the record, I will put [TBOA] before every title of post containing real photo, not te phone one ;-)

So, what do you thing about this idea?